Who Wants To Get On Shark Tank?

TV Host, Producer & Reality TV Star, Fran Harris, Shares Secrets

Shark Tank Alum, Fran Harris, shares insider secrets to help you score an audition and a spot on the #1 Business Reality Show on the planet including...

  • How Shark Tank accelerates your business
  • How to 10X your chances of getting an audition
  • How to put together a KILLER application
  • How to make it to the final cut for the show
  • How to make producers LOVE you
  • How to structure your "ask" for the Sharks
  • And much more

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Fran Harris

Fran Harris landed a deal with Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank in 2021. She's appeared on many reality shows including America's Next Great Restaurant. She hosted her own series on HGTV, "Home Rules", and has been an announcer for ESPN for 17+ years. And today, she's teaching you what 25 years in the business has taught her: that there's an art to getting booked on TV shows. You ready? 

"Fran Harris is the REAL REAL deal."

I've heard a lot of people talk about getting on TV but I don't know anyone who teaches the skill of getting booked on TV -- or anyone who's been on TV more than Fran Harris.  ~ Myron Golden, MyronGolden.com